TriCal was founded in California in 1961 by Richard Storkan, Jerry Hanes, and Robert McCaslin.

TriCal was founded in California in 1961 by Richard Storkan, Jerry Hanes, and Robert McCaslin – who were on a mission to carry out commercial soil fumigation by specialized methods. Growers were battling crop-crippling pathogens without much defense. What started with trial-and-error hand-drilling procedures, evolved into precise methods that pleased growers. Advances in chemical mixtures along with application followed by tarping (sealing with plastic sheets), is largely credited to founder Richard Storkan in conjunction with Dr. Stephen Wilhelm, Plant Pathologist, of the University of California at Berkeley. This fumigation process proved invaluable in helping restore the productivity of soil plagued by diseases. TriCal proved to be responsible for bringing production back to grounds that had been labeled "worn out". Once the benefits of soil fumigation were recognized the company grew rapidly and now operates across the globe.